Q.  How do your people know the call is coming from my dealership?

A.  Our state-of-the-art call center system allows us to customize the screen pop showing all of your dealership information.  Additionally, our CSRs get a "whisper" that is an audio cue announcing the name of the store.

Q.  How does the call move from our dealership to your CSRs?

A.  We provide you with a local telephone that will be placed into your phone system either by extension or by prompt.  This will allow the call to be seamlessly transferred to us.  Since this is a local number and not an 800 number there are no hidden fees are charges.

Q.  How do we ensure that you are getting calls after our service department and dealership close?

A.  By working with your phone vendor or IT person we can place the phone number in your after hours auto attendant.  You may want to look at the option of having an extension that an operator can send calls to us due to the fact that many sales departments are open after service closes.

Q.  What days and times are you open to take a call?

A.  Currently we are open 364 days a year - we only close on Christmas day.  We have extended hours during the week and take calls up to 11PM.  We are open Saturday from 7AM to 9PM and Sunday 8AM to 8PM

Frequently Asked Questions