Call Center Services



Service BDC Consulting


Our fulfillment service comes in three basic forms:

After hours only allow us to take calls ONLY after your service department is closed.

Overflow allow you to give your in-house personnel the first shot at the calls and when they get busy overflow the calls out to us.

We can take all the service department calls and schedule all of our service appointments

Your service BDC can utilize our complete training program for your in-house CSRs.

Custom  training manuals including screen shots of your scheduling system with word track overlay.

We  have deployed this system and process in several service BDCs with exceptional results.

If you are just starting a service BDC or have one that is up and running, we can help.

Everything from ground up design, including LAN setup and hiring CSRs, or training existing CSRs we have a complete package.

We can consult on your scheduling system so that you maximize the software you are currently using.